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how to heal your relationship with food and get a lean physique by investing no more than 5 percent of your time every day?

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that you can achieve that without having your life revolve around it – none of that “I train every day” nonsense. No starving yourself and no grueling cardio too.

5 Reasons To Choose Me


92% Success Rate

I have 92% success rate. By committing to lose weight with me, you are almost guaranteed to succeed

Science Based

My coaching is based on the latest scientific research. I only use methods that are proven to be effective. You won't find pseudoscience here

Custom Designed Plans

I believe my high success rate is the result of plans being made custom. I only design plans after I get to know my clients

No Hassle For You

I do all behind the scene work. I give you everything you need to get leaner and healthier: your individualized training program, nutritional guidelines, weekly coach interaction, and consistent updates to your program

Affordable Coaching

My coaching costs: Month-to-month – $180; 3 months paid in advance – $510 (equivalent to $170/month); 6 months paid in advance – $960 (equivalent to $160/month).

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Imagine having a healthier relationship with food (no more binges!) and full control of your training. 

Click “Yes” and Take a Leap, Not a Step, towards your goal to become leaner.

we are amazing

I Bring Success

I helped heaps of people from all around the world to take full control of their nutrition and training. Would you like to be next?

Your journey to the ultimate body begins as soon as you click “Start”

I tried many diets but I couldn't stick to them. Then I found Egis' team. I got healthier eating habits and I shed body fat to 8% and yet, I still kept indulging myself in all of my favourite foods
IT Specialist
It was easy to get to 17% body fat but I struggled to get down to lower percent. After implementing Egis' meal plan to my training, I got to 13% body fat. That's like being a female pro athlete!
I got to a point were I was considered as obese. That had to change. After I started working with Egis' team, I dropped 32 pounds of weight in just a bit under 4 months. I play basketball again!