Let’s be honest: a lot of what people do to lose weight, in general, is garbage. Usually, people inflict ridiculously restrictive diets on themselves and they often feel 7 different kinds of shitty in the process. Four weeks of overly-restrictive fuckery only to end up in a worse position than when they started.

If you are actively trying to transform your body, I will guide you in the right direction with four things that I use with all my clients. Here goes.

1. Developing a process-oriented mindset

Ben Carpenter, a fitness trainer, said this in his book:

“Nobody really wants to achieve things slowly when fast is also a viable option. Email is more popular than sending letters by post, online retailers promise to get your orders delivered faster than ever and rapid weight loss is always going to be a more appealing proposition than gradual weight loss.”

The problem with trying to lose weight fast is that it is often a result of unsustainable measures — taking laxatives and diuretics, a very low-calorie diet, no carbs, water fasting, etc. You have to realize that short-term, drastic measures do not result in long-term results.

Rather than aiming for goals such as losing x amount of weight in the x amount of time (the goal-oriented mindset) why not focus on the process (the process-oriented mindset)? Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Simple, healthy behaviors such as consuming more fruit, veggies, and protein, lifting weights at least 3x/week, getting more steps, etc. are what I want my clients to focus on. Here is proof from today’s weekly check-in with one of my clients (credit to Jordan Syatt):

Focus on things you need to do to get to your goal. Not the goal itself.

2. Focusing on an inclusive mindset rather than an exclusive

If your goal is to lose weight, you must be in a calorie deficit. It is non-negotiable. But how you achieve this is crucial. Most people focus on foods they need to avoid — carbs, sugar, and bread. That sorta thing.

This is the opposite of what I do with my clients. I want them to focus on ADDING not removing. I want to ensure they include nutritious foods such as fruit, veggies, lean protein, whole grains, etc. rather than exclude foods that are “bad/dirty/unhealthy.”

While you can lose weight by excluding “bad/dirty/unhealthy” foods from your diet, it is not a long-term solution and it might lead to a worse relationship with food.

Focus on the things you should be doing rather than… ah, screw this. I wrote the whole article about exclusive vs inclusive mindset so maybe go read it.

3. Prioritizing weight lifting over cardio

Train for muscle and strength. Eat for fat loss. And since I told you this many times before, I am sure as hell you are reading this with an expression not a million miles from hate. But still…

If you want to have more muscle definition, get stronger, increase your metabolism, preserve bone mineral density, prevent sarcopenia, etc., weight lifting should be your go-to exercise modality.

Cardio is fine. It is great for your improving cardiorespiratory fitness. Do it if you want. I actually recommend that my clients make cardio a regular part of their exercise routine.

But focus on weight lifting first. It is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. I said this “fountain of youth” thing a shitload of times too. My apologies. Let’s move on.

“But, Egis, what if I am scared to lift weights because I might get too bulky?”

Where did that come from? Listen, in the nicest way possible, shut up. You are crazy as an overheated dog. Go lift some weights. You are not going to accidentally get too big.

4. Creating an accountability system

A little bit of accountability and encouragement can go a looong way. There is a reason why one of the three pinned posts on my IG account is about accountability:

Whether it is internal accountability — owning your actions and results by measuring and recording them, or external — reporting your actions and results to someone else (a hint: hire me to coach you), you need accountability.

Performance and thus, results, improve when performance is measured and reported. This is why all of my clients are plugging data into a progress tracker:

If you are as broke as the former NBA player Antoine Walker is (the chap managed to blow away his $108 million earnings) and cannot afford a coach, create your own accountability system. Have your training and nutrition journals. Weigh yourself daily. Take circumference measurements. Take progress photos.

So ask yourself: Who am I accountable to? Who do I answer to? If the answer is no one, sort that shit out.

And that is it. You are good to go. It might seem “too simple” but if you consistently nail these four things, you will transform your body sustainably.

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Originally published by me on Medium on December 12, 2023

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