Have you ever started a diet just to end up ditching it two weeks later after yet another bloody (not literally…) bingeing?

Have you ever thought it‘s going to be easy peasy to track calories but it was a horrific experience?

I know you live in a whole other solar system but in mine, we don‘t need to track calories to lose weight.

Well, it turns out you can reduce your calorie intake by 500-1000 calories a day without agonizing calorie tracking.

And I‘m about to show you 7 simple strategies, one for every day of the week,  that will make you lose 1-1.5 pounds a week.

You‘ll love the last strategy!

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This Is The Key Driver For Weight Loss 

I‘m not going to bore you with wishy-washy sayings so I‘ll just say it:

In order to lose weight, you need to create A NEGATIVE ENERGY BALANCE. A calorie deficit if you will.

You might be thinking now:

“Really? After all this intrigue that‘s kind of a let down“.

how to reduce calories

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But that‘s all it is to it. Energy in, energy out. It sounds so simple but many people still get it completely wrong.

Don‘t be like many people. Don‘t fall for all that “healthy, clean, organic eating“ crap. You can eat the healthiest foods in the world but if you overeat it, you‘re doomed.

If you read my article on intermittent fasting, you would know that you don‘t have to track calories. Leave that for elite physique competitors in the bodybuilding world.

In order to lose 1-1.5 pounds per week, you need to reduce calories by 3500-5250 weekly or 500-750 daily.

Now that you know it‘s all about calories, let‘s see how can you reduce calories without your life revolving around tracking them.


All calorie numbers are only estimates. And don‘t you dare to reward yourself for doing well by eating all calories back before bed!

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Monday: The Morning Shake And At-home Workout

If you start your morning like most people then this will be a walk in the park for you.

Most people have cereal with milk for breakfast. In addition to that, a cookie or even a sandwich.

In many years that I worked with dieters, the average breakfast for them is around 600 calories.

Here‘s what you can do to slash that number by 70%.

how to reduce calories

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Start your morning with Pressed Organic Greens Juice (25 calories) and Orgain Grass-Fed Protein Shake (140 calories).

Just by doing this minor tweak for your breakfast, you slashed around 400 calories.

Here comes the evening. How can you cut another 350 calories, you wonder?

Light exercise will do the trick. I would love to tell that you can reduce calories without exercise but…I won‘t.

how to reduce calories

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As I said in how to burn more calories at home article, you‘ll burn just about that number doing an at-home workout.

Get yourself a glute mini band, TRX or any other intensity enhancing tool that I talked about, download the Aaptiv app for an audio workout and finito.

With these two tweaks, you won‘t feel starving like you had air for breakfast.

Tuesday: A 5-Mile Walk + Dinner Tweak

“But I don‘t want to eat less for my breakfast…“ you might say.

That‘s okay. Have a breakfast, add a caffeine pill to that too. As I said in fat burners that actually work article, caffeine is a fabulous fat burner.

how to reduce calories

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Here‘s another way to slash that 750 calories.

If you walked about five miles throughout the day, you would cut around 500 calories. And I‘m not talking about dedicating an hour just for a walk (that would be fabulous, though). It‘s small things like taking a stair instead of an elevator, walking to work. These counts too.

Get an activity monitoring app and track your activity levels. It‘s much easier to get those five miles under your belt than you think.

And yes, you‘re right. We still need to cut 250 calories. And that couldn‘t be easier.

how to reduce calories

Image Credit: Everydayhealth

Next time you‘ll have dinner, skip starchy carbohydrates. And no, carbs are not evil!

Instead of eating rice or potatoes that would add up to 300 calories, swap that for veggies. Yes, veggies. Something as simple as that.

Congratulations! You have created more than 750 calorie deficit today.

Wednesday: Slim Down With A Smoothie

You might think:

“A smoothie, seriously? So funny that I forgot to laugh. I could have thought of that myself…“.

Yes, you could have. Why didn‘t you?

how to reduce calories

Image Credit: Prevention

Many times weight loss comes down to simple swaps here and there.

Just once or twice a week swap a meal for a smoothie out of casein protein powder (145 calories) that’s slowly digested. It will keep you full for 4-5 hours.

Mix it with berries. Have an apple or banana after. It might not sound great but you‘ll love it. And you‘ll save 450-500 calories (at least).

To hit 750 daily caloric deficit, get your TRX, kettlebell and resistance band. Perform 15 minute HIIT circuit workout with Aaptiv app and you‘ll burn another 400 calories.

how to reduce calories

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Not over 15 minutes, of course. HIIT workouts make you burn more calories throughout the day because of a phenomenon called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

And just like that, another 750 calories. We‘re flying through this!

Thursday: Snack Smart

By now you might be thinking:

“Egis, you like torturing me, don‘t you? I‘m not allowed to have nuts now?“.

how to reduce calories

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Listen, nuts and seeds are mind-blowing foods yada yada yada. But a handful of almonds have around 220 calories.

You have a couple of daily snacks and that‘s the number of calories that a regular meal contains.

Instead, have an apple or any other fruit. Here‘s your 400-500 calorie deficit.

how to reduce calories

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Here‘s what you‘ll do for the last 250-350 calories:

At lunchtime, skip the bread on the sandwich or the whole sandwich. Have tuna salads, low-fat cottage cheese mixed with berries.

You don‘t eat a sandwich, you say? That‘s fine. Still, opt for salads or low-calorie dairy meals.

By not having a sandwich and mayo that comes with it, you saved even more than 300 calories.

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Friday: Cut On Booze (only three drinks, actually)

“Really, Egis…I‘ll alert the media about that…“

But it‘s true. Sometimes we overcomplicate things. Weight loss is one of them.

how to reduce calories

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A glass of most drinks has 150-300 calories. Cut out 3 glasses from your weekend ritual and you already saved 450-900 calories.

Just to make sure you hit that 750 calorie target, have a short 30-minute at-home glute loop workout and that‘s it.

Jackpot! Another 750 calories are gone.

It‘s so easy that it should make you laugh by now.

Saturday: Show Some Love For Water

Drink water instead of flavoured beverages. That will save you hundreds of calories. Sodas are filled with additional calories that come from sugar for example.

how to reduce calories

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Even your beloved coffee from Starbucks is filled with unnecessary calories.

Get yourself a glowing water bottle that reminds you to drink water when you‘re busy at work. That will save you no less than 400 calories.

To hit 750 calories, have a stroll in the park with your dog. Or alone if you hate picking dog‘s leftovers…

40 minutes of a fast-paced walk will burn more than you need to reach 750 calorie deficit.

Sunday: Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is a great way to lose weight without dropping your calories down to 1000. By making you eat fewer meals IF will result in an automatic reduction in calorie intake.

how to reduce calories

Image Credit: Jamesclear

As I said in a recent article, the caloric deficit is a by-product of intermittent fasting. That‘s why millions of people love IF so much.

Additionally, intermittent fasting lowers insulin and increases catecholamines. Noradrenaline in particular.

In short, catecholamines are fat burning hormones that are elevated when insulin levels are low.

If you opted for 16:8 methods, you would cut those 750 calories effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

These 7 strategies combine both minor habit changes and exercise but…

It‘s not like you would need to track your calories, exercise for 5 hours a week and stop eating foods that you love.

Yes, there will be days when you fail to do both strategies.

Somedays you’ll feel seven kinds of shitty but laugh it off and start over.

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Egis R.

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