How to Lose Weight in 40 Pages

A Brutally Honest Program That You Will Actually Read To The End & Implement The Same Day

How to Lose Weight in 40 Pages offers a science-based approach to losing fat & improving health that you will actually read to the end & implement the SAME DAY.


The basics of fat loss are only a handful of things which you will discover in this book:

What is the KEY DRIVER for fat loss

How to create flexible diet that helps you transform your body eating the foods you love without ever feeling deprived

Why 95% of dieters regain the weight & how to be in 5% that succeeded

How to overcome binge eating & achieve food freedom

How to track food intake correctly so you wouldn't plateau

Why you shouldn't use Keto or any other too rigid diet that you can't keep up with after a few weeks

How to use the Virtuous Cycle of exercise & eating right to lose fat sustainably

What is Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis & how to use it to improve fat loss

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