What Is Online Coaching?

It’s me being at your side the entire way, helping you avoid the scams, pitfalls, and problems that most people fall into, helping you systematically achieve the best body you’ve ever had.

Would you like my help? 

This Is You With Me

DON’T waste your time trying to work things out for yourself. Having an experienced coach will fast track your results.

No matter how bad you think your genetics are, no matter how many diets and workout routines you have tried and failed, you can still achieve the body of your dreams.

Whether your goal is to…

  • Overcome a deep-rooted battle with your weight…
  • Drop the last few pounds so you can finally get washboard abs
  • Have more confidence in your own body…
  • End never-ending yo-yo dieting & learn how to keep the weight off for life..
  • Shop for your perfect size clothing…
  • Play with your kids (pain-free)…
  • Live a healthy life without loads of medicine…

I’ll Help You To Achieve These Goals


What Does Working With Me Get You?


Initial Assessment

We'll analyze what has lead to your present situation. We'll go over your goals & vision, and what we are going to do together to achieve those goals.

Individualized Regimen

Together we'll create a plan that fits you and your schedule. Your diet & exercise should enhance your life - not create more stress than you already have.

Long & Short-Term Fat Loss Strategies

Most fat loss plans only focus on achieving a certain weight. And that's BAD!  My strategy is to help you both lose fat and maintain a lean body for life!

Progress Evaluation

I'll give you tools and strategies that allow you to effortlessly track your food intake, exercise, and fat loss to ensure you are constantly making progress. I'll be the one doing all the hassle, all the "behind the scenes" work so that you can focus on executing.

24/7 Access to Me

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly updates to ensure you are on track. 100% access to my personal email for any questions you may have any time of the day & night. You'll never feel like left out in the dark. I'll answer all of your questions so that your weight loss progress stays consistent.

Ready To Get Started?

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(Pricing can range from $120 USD/month to 170 USD/month.

Who The hell am I?

Egis R.

I help people to lose weight for 9 years now and I could not be happier! I have worked with people from all over the world. Same people that thought they are done with trying to lose weight. I would always tell them: "No matter how bad you think your genetics are, no matter how many diets and workout routines you have tried and failed, you CAN still achieve the body of your dreams.


Certificate IV in fitness, 2017. The Eagle Academy, Australia
Certificate in strength and conditioning, 2014. Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuania

Athletic Training, 2013. Masaryk University, Czech Republic

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