Don’t know how to start your weight loss journey? Well, here’s what I want you to do: 

Whatever you do, don’t think of a cute-ass panda randomly chilling on the floor.

You did think about it, didn’t you?

Which is normal because we tend to focus on things we’re trying to ignore. That’s why I don’t want my clients to strictly avoid specific foods

Think of your diet as a cage—the more strict rules your diet has, the smaller the cage becomes and the higher urge to break free is.

If you say you can’t have a goddamn cookie ‘cos you’re on a goddamn diet, you end up binging on the same goddamn cookie when the goddamn weekend rolls around.

The genius of the 1/2/3 method (which I first heard from Jordan Syatt) is that there’s no restriction. It’s based on addition—you add foods to your diet rather than eliminate them just because some ‘toned’ fitness chick on Instagram said it worked for her.

So, here’s what the 1/2/3 method is:

1 Stands for…

The first step to starting weight loss journey - eat 1 big bowl of salad every day

Some of you will be like:

Listen, salad is only as bad as you make it. Get creative and google “delicious salad recipes.”

Throw some low-fat cheddar or cottage cheese, some Greek yogurt or tofu on top, and you’re good. As long as you eat that one big bowl of salad every day.

And if you’re still like:

Say, your kid comes home from school and he says:

Are you going to say:

Of course not. You’re going to say:

Same with you—force-feed yourself to eat vegetables. You’re an adult. I’m ridiculously flexible when it comes to nutrition but in this case, sorry—force-feed yourself.

This is important for your health and hunger control. Eat them. Don’t use the “I don’t like it” as a justification for not doing something.

P.S. Just don’t eat spinach. They taste like an ashtray. Max one leaf. Because I said so.

2 Stands for…

The second step to starting weight loss journey - eat 2 fruits every day

I know what you’re about to ask and my answer is: I couldn’t care less if it’s two bananas. Or two apples. Or two mangos. It just has to be two fruits. 

And if someone tells you fruits or fructose in them are bad for you, you should leave or unfollow them because they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.⁣ 

Or just put him/her in a room next to the lift shaft. For all eternity.

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3 Stands for…

The third step to starting weight loss journey - drink three bottles of water every day

Every time I tell people “drink 3 bottles of water” I get the “Yeah, Egis, I get it. But how big the bottles should be?” 

Once again, I don’t care. Just drink 3 bottles of water every day. All I want you to do is to get in the habit of drinking water every day. Don’t overthink it.

Most of what I coach is about the inclusion of foods rather than restriction. And the 1/2/3 method is a perfect example of it. I don’t want your “cage” to get so small that your diet would leave you deprived. 

A bowl of salad, 2 fruits, and water are NOT all that you’re allowed to eat and drinkyou can have anything you’d normally eat

The purpose of this method is to get you in a habit of eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking water—habits that lean people have.

And just by doing so, you will develop habits that may lead to other dietary tweaksmaybe you’ll start eating more protein, using food scales, or tracking calories. 

The 1/2/3 method may not be as sexy as a “4-week flat belly fix program” but it could be the catalyst to bigger changes. 

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