An inspirational message from Joe Hilyar who lost Lost 56 kg (124 lbs) by walking. Don’t be an idiot meathead juicemonkey and READ IT!

As a young child, I was obese. I would hate attending school because I was called names, kicked and punched.

My father was very obese and my siblings are very heavy also.

I was always feeling depressed so I would eat large amounts of food to feel better.

this is joe hiliar who tells his story about how to lose weight by walking

When I was in high school I lost some weight, however, I was still having issues with self-esteem and then began to eat away my problems.

I started to gain more weight when I was out of School. My self-image was not so good at this point. I began to smoke cigarettes as a form of self-medication. I also began to drink alcohol to help with the anxiety I felt inside.

At this point, I was now well over 300 lbs (149kg).

This the picture of joe hilyar who lost  weight by just walking
Image Credit To: Runtastic

I started to rebuild my life in every respect.

I got a job and began a long journey of recovery. I finally decided to see a doctor for a routine physical. They took some blood samples and I later found out that I had type II diabetes & high cholesterol!

My doctor sat me down and told me that if I didn’t make changes, I would be at risk for a heart attack in the next few years.

I was put on four medications just for my diabetes and high cholesterol!


I quit smoking and drinking immediately. I got a gym membership and started walking on a treadmill. I walked at 1 MPH for 20 minutes. That’s all I could walk without losing my breath. I would do this three to four times a week.

This the picture of joe hilyar who lost  weight by just walking
Image Credit To: Runtastic

I had to make changes to my food intake. I started to cut out caffeine, candy and all beverages. I introduced more protein and fiber in my diet.

As months went by I was feeling better about myself and was losing weight.

My walking became more frequent. I got off the treadmill and began taking regular walks around the neighborhood. I found that the more I walked the better I felt inside.

In 2013 I saved up my money and purchased a smartphone. I found a freakn’ awesome walking application that helped me track all of my walks. This was the greatest tool for me. I now could reflect on my progress!

This the picture of joe hilyar who tells a story how you can lose weight by walking

In 2018 my longest walk was 83 kilometers (in 18 hours). I now have walked a total of 18,736 kilometers!

I am very proud of all of my success. I am at a comfortable 205 lbs (93kg).

You may ask yourself, why did I do all of this?


Walking to lose weight as well as simple nutritional adjustments were the answers to Joe.

Sadly, most dieters are living in their liberal propaganda brainwashing days. As myoleanfitness puts it, people are sabotaging their fat loss efforts by constantly majoring in the minors!

this is the picture that shows how people are sabotaging fat loss instead of simply trying to lose weight by walking

Like I wrote in “How to Lose Weight in 40 Pages” book, the basics of fat and weight loss are only a handful of things:

  • Make sure you’re eating fewer calories than you’re expending consistently over time by making better dietary choices;
  • Get enough protein;
  • Lifts weights and do a little cardio frequently.
  • Find a way to do the above that’s as easy, convenient, practical, and sustainable as possible.

Aaaaaaand, that’s pretty much it.

Unfortunately, most people start their weight loss journey by focusing on anything but the above. For example, people bother with things like:

  • Counting total or net carbs;
  • Drinking green tea because it “helps weight loss”;
  • Avoiding gluten;
  • Buying Himalayan salt because Dr. whoever said it’s healthy;
  • Worrying which Intermittent Fasting schedule causes more growth hormone release;
  • *Insert nonsense that doesn’t matter here.*
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