In the ”Slow Weight Loss Mistakes” part 1 we talked about how it is important to get calories and protein right, the cheat day flaw and a whole lot more.

In Part 2, we are going to tackle more mistakes and the reasons for slow weight loss.

I will show you how to do weight loss wonders with a couple of little fixes.

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Thinking “Diets” Instead Of “Habits

We live in times where things have to “the latest ones”.

Just the other day I have seen a question “What is the latest weight loss diet?” on Quora. There is no need to look for anything new, really. We already have all that we need for losing weight successfully.

slow weight loss

In my long experience as a weight loss coach, I found diets like Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb, Intermittent fasting, Flexible to be highly effective.

Many people need to play around and find the one that works for them but once they find it, once they can stick to the diet long-term, their slow weight loss just goes out of the window.

You might think: “So what is the problem with diets?”. Ok, so here is what I want to say:

slow weight loss

I hate the fad diets. They promise rapid weight loss results, improved health in no time but have no scientific evidence to support them.

The worst part – they are unsustainable, they are unbalanced. The time goes by and you get frustrated with slow weight loss more and more.

Moreover, the word “Diet” itself has an end date hidden. “I will do the Atkins diet for 4 weeks”. And what happens after? Once the diet is done, you go back to the habits that made you overweight in the first place.

Here is a short list of fad diets that you should stay away:

  • Lemon juice diet
  • The vinegar diet
  • The South Beach diet
  • Etc.

More about fad diets in WebMD article here.

How To Fix it:

Variety is key in every diet. When you go on a diet, you want to get all the necessary nutrients. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk for becoming ill.

Go with Keto diet, Intermittent fasting, Flexible diet.

They are proved to effective for weight loss and still have a variety of foods that you can choose from. Please don’t believe in those fad diets.

Every penny that I earn starts with a 28 Day Keto Challenge. I’ve put together a 28-day weight loss program for you that goes through every step that I take to make people lean fast. It will become your habit. Your life.

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Fat Burners

Image credit: Barbend

$60.5 billion. That is the fat burners’ value on the weight loss market. So it’s normal that people are looking for something that would burn fat faster.

Actually, fat burners are among the most expensive weight loss supplements. And yet, we still have slow weight loss…

Fat burners can be effective but you have to choose the right one. Sadly, most of the fat burners on the market don’t work.

A good fat burner will have these three qualities:

  • Will increase your basal metabolic rate
  • Will reduce hunger and cravings
  • Will increase satiety

More on fat burners read Healthline article here.

How To Fix It:

Here, I will reveal some of the supplements that have that fat burning ability. The following are the best fat burners to choose:


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Caffeine increases your daily energy expenditure.

In order for caffeine to be effective, you want your body not to build tolerance for caffeine. Otherwise, you have that slow weight loss again…

Make sure to have 1-2 no-caffeine days.

Green Tea Extract
reasons for slow weight loss

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Green tea extract is a herbal product derived from green tea leaves.

Research shows that green tea extract speeds up fat loss and can reduce abdominal fat.

By the way, green tea extract works very well when combined with caffeine.

do fat burners work

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What the hell is Forskolin, right? It sounds like a Russian thing…

Well, Forskolin has been long used to treat heart disorders as Indian herbal.

However, it has some cool fat burning benefits to offer as well. It accelerates fat loss by initiating the fat burning process.


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Spirulina is a non-toxic compound that is rich in nutrients.

Studies show that not only spirulina lowers fat and cholesterol levels but reduces blood pressure, improves blog sugar control, improves insulin sensitivity, etc.

Fish Oil
Reasons for slow weight loss

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We all know what fish oil is – essential fat that the body can’t produce it so we have to get it with food. But little do people know about its fat burning abilities.

Studies show that fish oil speeds up fat loss, improves blood glucose (sugar) uptake, improves insulin sensitivity, prevents weight gain and many more.


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Synephrine is a compound found in citrus fruits.

Research shows that synephrine increases basal metabolic rate and lipolysis (fat breakdown), increases the thermic effect of food (which we talked about in our article). Moreover, it inhibits receptors that prevent fat mobilization.

frustrated with slow weight loss

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The amino acid 5-HTP is found in pumpkin, various greens, milk. It is converted into serotonin which gives that feeling of happiness.

Research shows that 5-HTP increases fullness feeling and can reduce cravings for carbohydrates in particular.

Saying No To Certain Foods

This is big! How many times have you seen people on social media posting challenges like this: “30 days without sweets”. When you say no to certain types of food, you run into a big problem.

slow weight loss

For example, you say no to your beloved chocolate for 30 days. Do you know what happens now? The only thing that you will crave for is going to be chocolate.

Picture this metaphor: 

There is a kid that came over to his friend‘s. A friend showed him around, pointed to one room behind the door and said: “You can go to any room you want but you can‘t go into that one. No matter what“.

slow weight loss

And what that kid wants the most now? He wants to go and see what is in that room.

It‘s the same with food.

If you tell yourself that you can‘t eat chocolate, then that‘s the only thing that you’ll crave for. 

Now, if you ate chocolate every now and then, all of a sudden the need to have chocolate goes away because you can have it any time you want.

How To Fix it?

Follow the 80/20 rule. 

It means that around 80% of your daily calories can come from whole and minimally processed foods. 20% can come from any food that you like. 

Verywellfit has a brilliant article about 80/20 rule

slow weight loss

Over time, you will find yourself not craving for anything unhealthy. You will spend 20% of all calories 4-5 times per week on sweets but eventually, that need for sweets vanishes.

Somehow, one week you might find yourself eating 100% healthy without a single thought about sweets.

Post Exercise Anabolic Window

Post-exercise anabolic window refers to a time after your workout that your body craves for nutrients like protein, carbs, etc.

It’s believed that 30-60 minutes after a workout you must get protein (in particular), some carbs, fat burners, multivitamins. That will help to achieve better results. You will lose weight faster or build more muscle.

slow weight loss

Studies show that we should not talk about post-workout nutrition. We should talk about pre-workout nutrition.

Protein Absorption Speed

Let’s take protein for example. People believe that you need to ingest protein right after your workout to prevent your body from muscle breakdown.

However, there is this thing called ”protein absorption speed”. It basically tells us that different protein sources get to the bloodstream at different times. 

For example, it takes one hour for 2.9 g of protein from a boiled egg to get to the bloodstream in a form of amino acids

slow weight loss

So, say, you eat four medium eggs which are roughly 22 g of protein. It would take about 7.5 hours for all of that protein to get to the bloodstream.

That means, even 6 hours after eating four eggs, you would have amino acids floating in your bloodstream. 

So, you got 4 eggs 2 hours before a workout. The workout took you 1 hour. So you still going to have protein in your bloodstream for another 3-4 hours!

reasons for slow weight loss

Now, if you take protein right after a workout because of some magical muscle building effect then it will not happen. Believe me.

But if you have a high amount of protein to consume per day and it helps to achieve that daily protein intake easier then go for it. It’s fine.

More about anabolic window read Howtobeast article

How To Fix It:

If you want faster weight loss then eating protein right after a workout might help. It would help in a way that you would get more protein over a day.

We know that the thermic effect of protein is the highest of all nutrients (0 to 3% for fats, 5 to 10% for carbohydrates, 20 to 30% for protein).

So by eating more protein, you burn more calories at rest which might result in better weight loss (read more about the thermic effect of food in our article).

Every penny that I earn starts with a 28 Day Keto Challenge. I’ve put together a 28-day weight loss program for you that goes through every step that I take to make people lean fast. It will become your habit. Your life.

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Bonus Mistake: Ignoring Micronutrients

I wasn’t planning on witting this one but hell, why not?

Micronutrients play a central part in metabolism and in the maintenance of tissue function. An adequate intake therefore is necessary.

Shenkin A

There is a growing interest in the role of micronutrients (essential trace elements and vitamins) in optimizing health and in the prevention or treatment of disease. 

When you are trying to lose weight, you put yourself in a calorie deficit. That results in micronutrient deficiency. And that may result in some type of illness.

reasons for slow weight loss

The key micronutrients that we tend to become deficient in are:

How To Fix It:

Getting the right vitamin product is key.

People will run to the supplement stores to get “that latest“ multivitamin product without taking a closer look at the label. Many such products have vitamins in them that our bodies have plenty of. However, it is cheap for manufacturers to put them in. So why the hell not, right?

Make sure to get right multivitamins or else you will end up paying for nothing. Literally for nothing.

Final Thoughts

And there it is, guys. Part 2 of Slow Weight Loss is coming to an end.

Make sure to keep in mind these mistakes otherwise you might find yourself eating 1200 calories and not losing weight. I know, that sucks. But we are here to help you to make up your mind without throwing your hard earned money out of the window.

Now It’s Your Turn!​

Here’s what I want from you:

Which mistake has been bothering you?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below

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