Are you having a rough time staying motivated to exercise? Here’s what you should know about the lack of motivation to exercise

Crawling to the gym 3-4 times a week might be as challenging as flying to Mars is if you aren’t Elon Musk…

And even if you manage to get your A$$ to the gym, this Jon leaves a bench all covered with vines and stuff and then Jake moans with every rep on a leg extension machine…

And the situation only gets worse when you get to the squat rack and notice Steve. It’s like he has been pulled out of the river just now… He says the squat rack is yours!

Add to that the stress you face at work, the scale that’s moving down snail-like and you opt for “Netflix And Chill“. AGAIN…

It All Just Sucks.

After reading this article, you MIGHT (???) find it easier to stay motivated to exercise and lose weight. Sounds like quite a good trade-off for 7-10 minutes of reading, aye?

Oh, in the end, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll in my FREE 14-DAY FAT LOSS FOR LIFE COURSE.

Misconception About Motivation

Most of us don‘t just wake up one day and decide to buckle down (like… physically buckle down) and go to the gym.

Many times people find themselves on a stair-climber climbing to…nowhere! Just because the membership was a gift. Or maybe this Carroll convinced you to come with her.

Anyways, you‘re on a quest to exercise!

(which is brilliant, go YOU!)

But the, 3-4 weeks into your quest (that‘s how long, more or less, your willpower can carry you) you feel like sticking hot needles in your eyes would be more enjoyable than another 10 minutes on a stair-climber.

So here’s the deal, my virtual friend…

Motivation doesn‘t work the way you think it does.

You think it comes from within you. Just pops out the hole like a bunny. Therefore, you sit back and wait for motivation to come to you.

About 99.978% of the time, though, this waiting turns into procrastination and laziness. It literally, turns into everything BUT taking action!

That’s not how you stay motivated to exercise…

Here‘s How Motivation REALLY Works

Now, remember this, my hypothetical reader friend…

Motivation FOLLOWS action. It‘s not the other way around!

There is this brilliant public speaker RSD Tyler. He has a kick-ass phrase:

Your right decisions build momentum. Your wrong decisions – they too build momentum“. It’ll all click in a moment.

Remember that time when you never missed a single workout for the whole month? It was pretty easy to get yourself to the gym, wasn‘t it?

The second week was easier than the first, the third – easier than the second. You got the ball rolling, you built momentum. All sunshine and rainbows.

And now recall that time when you skipped a workout. Then you skipped another one. Next thing you knew, it got so effortless to justify every skip…

Taking action “FUELS” motivation. Taking action BUILDS momentum, and with it, the motivation to keep the ball rollin‘.

So the next time you “don‘t feel like exercising“ remember this motivation FOLLOWS action phenomenon.

Grit your teeth, fight your urges to quit, and just do the task you need to do. After about 5 or 10 minutes, you’ll likely find yourself easily doing whatever it was you had resistance towards a few moments before.

– Carter Good

I know what you’re thinking now:

“Is that all you got, Egis???“

Nope! Just telling you this vague “motivation follows action” mumbo-jumbo wouldn’t be much of help, would it?

Here are 3 tips to build that motivation momentum. And keep it going!

1. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

What the heck do I mean by this fancy pants idiom??? Here’s the deal…

Both you and I, my friend, tend to think in “black or white”, “all or nothing”. I bet you can relate to that, can’t you?

So most people, think if they didn’t exercise 4 times a week, it’s a waste. No point of even exercising. But when you’re starting out, that’s the exact mentality that you should aim for!

Instead of dragging your A$$ to the gym 4 times a week and doing an hour of weight training followed by an hour of cardio, you should start slowly.

Shoot for 20-30 minutes weight lifting a couple of times a week. Get used to GOING to the gym because most people can’t even leave the house…

When you know that it’s going to take only 30 minutes of sweating, it’s much easier to set foot in the gym, isn’t it?

2. Train In A Way That Is The Most Optimal For FAT Loss

There’s nothing more demotivating than sweating enough to fill a lake in the gym and see the scale not moving down…

That’s why you want to choose the best form of exercise for your fat loss goals.

Exercise—in all forms —will give heaps of health benefits, but the TYPE of exercise you choose will have a major impact on your FAT loss outcome.

You see, dieters who ONLY use cardio usually turn into Skinny-Fat. I’m sure you know it’s a pretty ugly thing but in short, people can get the relatively skinny upper and lower body but they still have a gut popping out.

They do everything right when it comes to nutrition just to end up losing more than just fat…

They lose muscle tissue too.

The only way to prevent that is by taking part in resistance training which is brilliant for dieters.

Here are some of the benefits that weight lifting offers:

“OH MY GERSH Egis, I‘m a lady, I don‘t want to get bulky!” – Calm down, calm down!

A large segment of the dieting women has a mortal fear of getting “bulky”.

You won‘t get bulky. Period.

Women naturally have lower levels of muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone (~9 times less than men). That makes it very difficult for women to build a significant amount of muscle mass.

Unless you take anabolic steroids instead of your morning omelette…

You might be thinking now:

“Yo Egis, I don‘t like moving weights up un down, it‘s boring…“.

You know what?

If done right, strength training could become your go-to physical activity outside of your bedroom! Which brings me to the next point.

3. Implement The Progressive Overload Principle

When I was still in college, I started working as an athletic trainer in a pee-wee (junior) basketball team. Long story short, here‘s an invaluable lesson that I learned:

Monotony KILLz!

Ever since then, my sessions with clients have progressive overload principle implemented.

I don’t want to bore you with all the science-y jargon so in short, progressive overload is the gradual increase of stress (weight, reps, sets, etc) placed upon the body during exercise training.

Revive Stronger has a fabulous article on that.

How To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Image Source: colindewaaytraining

It’s the key to putting on muscle and gaining strength. For you, it has another marvelous feature related to staying motivated to exercise.

To progress in the gym, you need to track your progress. You should have a couple of main multi-joint exercises and track weight, sets, and reps you use every session. Next week, try to beat one of them.

Now tell me, which scenario is more likely to make you enjoy your workout more:

Scenario Numero Uno:

You set your foot in the gym (gym smell hits you right away) with a mindset of beating your PR on a hip thrust.

You warm-up. Get to the setup. Try to lift your PR. AAnd…you fail miserably! SHOOT! Next session.

Scenario Numero Dos:

You set your foot in the gym (with dudes high-fiving each other) but this time, you’ve got no idea not only what weights you’re about to use but what exercises you’re going to perform.

You look around the gym…and end up sweating a bucket of stuff on a treadmill…

The point is, even though you didn’t beat your personal record on a hip thrust but you now have something to look forward to the next session. It FUELS motivation.

The Bottom Line: Make sure to track your progress. Have a decent strength training routine that would make you progress over time. Monotony Kills!

A Bonus: A Beginner Workout Routine

Fitness Industry is a profitable business full of all sorts of zealots. Trainers often claim that you need a flashy workout routine otherwise you‘ll go absolutely nowhere.

Good news, Folks! That‘s bull crap… Most beginners would progress on basically any routine out there.

Since you‘ve got so far in this article, I‘ll give you a simple 2-day full-body workout routine. Being full-body, it can be done even 4 times a week.

Ooo Ooo, it‘s not boring too!

P.S. The routine is for beginners but if you want a more advanced version of it, just shoot me an email at and I‘ll transform that sucker.

Full-body workout A

1. Barbell Hip Thrust 4×8-15 (video)
That‘s the one that you‘ll track progress on.
2. Leg Curl 4×12-15 (video)
3. Machine Chest Press 4×6-12 (video)
Another one that you‘ll track progress on.
4. Underhand Pulldown 4×12-15 (video)
5. Overhead Tricep Extention 3×12-15 (video)
6. Barbell/Dumbbell Bicep Curl 3×12-15 (video)
7. Mountain Climber With Sliders 3xFailure (video)
You can get sliders on Amazon for ~$12.

Full-body workout B

1. Walking Lunges 4×10 (video)
That‘s the one that you‘ll track progress on.
2. Barbell Romanian Deadlift (RDL) 3×12 (video)
Another one that you‘ll track progress on. (video)
3. Peck Deck Machine Fly 3×12-15 (video)
4. V-Bar Cable Row 3×12-15 (video)
5. Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3×12-18 (video)
6. Tricep Pushdown 3×12-15 (video)
7. Cable Woodchoppers 3×12 (video)

It seems so simple, right? Well, because it is!

There are so many gibberish and poppycock advice when it comes to designing a strength training routine. But for a beginner this routine has everything you need:

  • A hip hinge movement pattern (hip thrust & RDL)
  • A Lower body pressing movement (lunges)
  • An upper body pressing movement (machine chest press)
  • A vertical pull movement (underhand pulldown)
  • A horizontal pull movement (V-bar cable row)

That‘s all you need! Now simply track your progress and enjoy becoming a Sexy Tiger!

To Recap

  • Motivation comes and goes. It never stays for long. You have to find a way to fuel it. You have to take action first and then motivation always comes.
  • Start slowly! It‘s way better to ease into exercising than lose your sh*t and burn-off.
  • If you hate every kind of exercise there is on the planet, then you might as well pick the one that gives the most benefits (weight lifting that is!). Continuous improvements would fuel that motivation to keep you grinding.
  • Track your progress! Not only you won‘t be mindlessly throwing two dumbbells like a hairy dude that every gym has but look forward to beating you PRs in every session.
Shameless Plug – Get My Book!

Exercise benefits = A LOT. If that‘s not fueling your motivation, then…

Exercise might not be sunshine and rainbows at first. But believe me – most of us, gym addicts, 7 times out of 10 don‘t feel like going to that gym where you see a dude that scratches & smells his armpits.

Follow the advice in this article and your chances of “finding“ motivation to exercise will skyrocket exponentially.

If you are tired, frustrated, sad and have little to no hope to drop fat, make sure to sign up for my online coaching program. I’ll teach you everything you need to lose weight successfully, and most importantly, to keep it off for LIFE.


Egis R.

If you think you have crappy genetics, I tell you: SCREW YOU! You’ve no idea how many times I heard this. And yet, my clients managed to transform their lives with a couple of our simple strategies!

Certificate in strength and conditioning, 2014. Lithuanian Sports University, Lithuania

Athletic Training, 2013. Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Certificate IV in fitness, 2017. The Eagle Academy, Australia

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