Holy shit where to begin?

You know what? Check this 60-second video to get a grip on what “Train With Me” is:

If you want to...

…up your game when it comes to fat loss, muscle & strength gain, or technique, you should probably (by “probably” I mean most definitely) jump on board for the “Train With Me” program.

TWM is...

…a 3, 6, or 12-month progressive strength training 1:1 online coaching.

It’s created for you if you want to fall in love with strength training & begin to appreciate your body for what it is capable of doing

If you want to build a stronger, leaner body, this strength training 1:1 online coaching is the answer.

Training to build muscle & gain strength is...

…rooted in performing high-quality repetitions for a certain amount of volume at a certain level of intensity. 

And that’s exactly what I will teach you in the TWM program — to train with a proper technique, with an optimal number of sets per week & proximity to failure so that you can enjoy your time in the gym without the need to figure it out all for yourself.

Upon purchase...

you’ll receive the PDF file with the mobility exercises to complete which will help me design a training program for you because no two bodies are the same, so why should a training program be any different?

You’ll also get the initial assessment form so that I get an understanding of where you’re currently at in terms of your health and training experience.

Once I have...

…all the information about you (you’ll send it to me via WhatsApp), I’ll design a training program for you that will be designed specifically for your needs, experience, schedule, likes & dislikes, & injury history.

This ensures you’re performing exercises that you enjoy (no bullshit burpees!) & that are safe for you to perform to optimize results.

Once everything is set, you’ll have form-checks every week, program updates when needed, & ongoing accountability, appraisal, education, & tangible support.

Let me help you stay on track by holding you accountable for your training!

How Does TWM Work?

Chose duration & click "purchase"

Choose the duration of the program (3/6/12 months). Click "purchase." Upon purchase, you'll receive the digital download (PDF) hyperlinked with the initial assessment form, mobility tests, & my WhatsApp details.

Complete the initial assessment

Upon completion of the initial assessment, I'll get in touch with you via email, & together we'll design you a personalized training program (Please note that TWM is not available via a mobile app. You'll be using the spreadsheet app on your phone/computer.)

Weekly check-ins & form-checks

You'll have weekly check-ins, form-checks, & program updates (if needed) via WhatsApp and/or email.

Let’s do this!

Make gains without forcing yourself to work out for three hours a day through a combination of hundreds of stupid burpees & sit-ups.
hoose the duration of the program — 3/6/12 months — below, click “purchase,” download the introduction PDF file, & follow the steps in it).

3 months: $300

Equivalent to $100/month

6 months: $510

Equivalent to $85/month

12 months: $840

Equivalent to $70/month